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"Entanglement : An International Spy Thriller"


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Egg Harbor Township, NJ July 15, 2013 New Book by EHT Author

               "Entanglement : An International Spy Thriller" [Kindle Edition]

                 By Corbin Coltrane   
    Dr. Shane Somers is a 28 year old physicist and engineer who develops a new form of telecommunications based on Albert Einstein's theory of Quantum Entanglement. His new invention makes the fastest internet connection look like the Pony Express by comparison and could be worth hundreds of billions of dollars if brought to market. Meanwhile, China's top secret agent is determined to acquire the technology for Mr. Chu, the ruthless owner of Chu Industries, a network of over-sized factories in China known for their disregard of the environment and inhumane treatment of its employees.

    Magnus Gunnarsson, Shane's long time best friend and former high school rival, pays Shane a visit after not seeing him for several years. Magnus informs him that he now works for TAG, an organization that doesn't officially exist, but has the mission of countering international corporate espionage while also acquiring new forms of technology for the United States in the name of national security.

    It is now up to Shane and Magnus, reunited best friends, to track down China's super spy and reclaim the technology before it's too late. But the infamous spy has a few tricks up his sleeve that neither of them see coming. Despite the odds stacked against them, they must succeed... America's economy and global dominance hangs in the balance.



Lewis E. and Mary Ella Somers on a 1940's Memorial Day.
Lewis Somers was the first local rural mail carrier, delivering mail on horseback to parts of Egg Harbor Township.


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In 1964 Egg Harbor Township celebrated its Tercentenary. Community Leaders, Long-Time Residents, Teachers, Local Historians, and many others worked for over a year putting together a wonderful history book called "Sketches of Egg Harbor Township," a complete history.

Evelyn Ryon Collins, Tercentenary Committee Research and Librarian, made the following statement in the book: "It is our hope that the children of our school system may learn from these pages and always be aware of their heritage." And at that time, books were distributed to all of EHT's schools and libraries.

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